Well, you've got all the ideas in your head but you aren't sure where or how to use them. Yeah, we figured. You and every other artist or creative in the world.

Let us help you turn your dream into a reality. Not sure where to get "beats"... That's fine, we do. Don't really know what to do with those lyrics you wrote a couple years ago... That's fine, send us your Kleenex lead sheet.

More Information

Work with a real music production powerhouse. Just like guitar Dan, we know all the chords. When you work with Mode, we'll make sure you get your fair shake.

When working with us to generate your own custom beats*, you'll register and collect songwriting royalties with us.  If we wrote the song, we get the credit... If you wrote the song, you get the credit... If we wrote the song together, we'll split it**.

*Beat is defined as chordal backing track and Song is defined as chordal backing track and lyrics/vocals.
**Mode Supplies beat, you supply lyrics vocals. [ 40% Mode (for beat)/ 60% You (lyrics/vocals in song) ]
Percent of songwriters share royalties.


Every product starts with an idea and some passion.

Prototype or Mockup

We'll help design the idea.


Mode makes sure it passes the scrutiny test, and takes the product to launch.

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